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Alcohol and substance abuse are chronic diseases that are develop by the intake of drugs or alcohol and then the body becoming used or dependent on these. People who abuse alcohol have lost control about how much they drink and the same can be said about people with substance abuse problems. Now, not everyone who drinks or consume drugs is a drug addict or an alcoholic, however, the majority of people who try alcohol or drugs can become dependent. There are different signs that a person is dependent on these. Some of these is include the urge to keep on consuming drugs or alcohol despite of the habit is taking a toll on personal life, losing work because being under the influence, having problems at home or with family among other issues.

Some people might not think they have problems with drugs or alcohol. They might be able to lead “productive lives,”however, one of the major problems with alcoholism is the illusion that everything is okay. Many people think they have it under control and that they can stop anytime they want. As the problem grows worse and worse they cannot stop drinking or consuming drugs. They try to stop drinking but are held back by alcohol withdrawal symptoms and they feel like they need to have another drink just to feel better, which restarts the cycle.

alcoholicPeople who are fed up with alcoholism or who want to stop drinking can actually find help in different places. There are different treatments that can help a person get and stay sober. Some facilities offer medications, self-help groups and even counseling sessions. The biggest problem is when people do not want to face reality. They think that they can control alcohol when in fact, the alcohol is controlling them. Some people keep on drinking even when they have major health problems like cirrhosis.

Alcohol abuse treatment consists of a number of approaches that are available to help individuals reclaim their life. Some of these methods are: the use of medications, counseling and self-help groups. These groups can vary from in treatment or outpatient programs. One of the most popular outpatient programs is AA or Alcoholics Anonymous which is a place where alcoholics can go and share their stories without shame. They can go and get support in getting sober, even people who are still struggling with alcohol use can attend weekly meetings.


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